Polypropylene compound is a versatile material that is widely used in various industries. It is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is made from the combination of polypropylene resin with other additives and fillers. We offers PP Compound in granules form as per clients requirements. These versatile, pellet-shaped Poly Propylene Granules are the building blocks for countless products, from sturdy car parts to gleaming food containers.

P P granules boast incredible durability and chemical resistance, making them ideal for enduring everyday wear and tear. Their lightweight nature minimizes strain on structures, while their low melting point enables efficient moulding into intricate shapes. Need dazzling colors or a touch of texture? No problem! they readily accept pigments and additives, tailoring them to your exact vision.

PP Compounds Manufacturer

Product Features:

Standard PP offers a good balance of properties, but it might lack the strength, heat resistance, or specific functionalities desired for certain applications. Here’s where PP compounds come into play. These are specially formulated versions of PP, where various additives and fillers are incorporated to enhance specific properties:

  • Good melt flow index & strength: It has a high melt flow index & strength, allowing for fast and efficient the production of complex parts.
  • Good resistance to UV radiation: Polypropylene compound is resistant to UV radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Good thermal stability at high temperatures: Polypropylene compound maintains its properties at high temperatures without degradation.
  • Good resistance to staining: Polypropylene compound has good resistance to staining, maintaining its appearance over time.
  • High rigidity: It has high rigidity, providing structural support to products.
  • Low moisture permeability: It has low moisture permeability, making it suitable for packaging applications.
  • Low coefficient of friction: It has a low coefficient of friction, reducing wear and tear in moving parts
  • High flowability: It has high flowability, allowing for complex and intricate mold designs.
  • Recyclable: Polypropylene plastic granules is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective material compared to other plastics.
  • Non-toxic: PP compound is non-toxic and safe for use in food packaging.
  • Easy to process: It can be easily processed using various manufacturing techniques.
  • Durable: Polypropylene granules is known for its strength and durability.
  • Lightweight: It is a lightweight material, making it ideal for applications where weight is a concern.


Product Features:

  • An immense variety of PP/PPCP compounds ranging from 5-50% filled at optimized costs.
  • Good dimensional stability over broad range of temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to several chemical agents, such as bases, acids, alcohols, water solutions, detergents etc.
  • Excellent aesthetics with wet look, soft and silky smooth feel.
  • Flame retardant – V0 , V1 , V2 & HB rating – Halogen – free
  • High fatigue resistance, thermal and electric insulation values.
  • Excellent chemical, UV & weather resistance with good paint adhesion.
  • High notched impact strength – good energy absorption under impact stress.
  • Very low emission, VOC, odor, fogging with excellent scratch resistance.

Application :

  • Automotive
  • Cockpit Assembly
  • Dashboard/Instrument Panels
  • Door Panels
  • Bumpers
  • Side Cladding
  • Body Side Mouldings
  • Mirror Housing
  • Automotive Head Lamp
  • Air Filters and Air Ducts
  • AC Vents and etc

Electrical and Industrial Applications :

  • Washing machine parts
  • AC Ducts
  • Vaccum cleaner Parts
  • Water purifier parts
  • RO filter housing


  • An immense variety of PP/PPCP compounds ranging from 5-45% filled at optimized costs.
  • High mechanical strength – High toughness at high stiffness.
  • Excellent resistance to several chemical agents, such as bases, acids, alcohols, water solutions, detergents etc.
  • High notched impact strength – good energy absorption under impact stress.
  • Flame retardant – V0 , V1 , V2 & HB rating – Halogen – free.
  • Low creep tendency.
  • Good stability, rigidity & strength over broad range of temperatures.
  • Good molding surface quality, reduced war page.
  • Good flow-ability – Constant glass fiber concentration even in thin rib areas

Automotive :

  • Air conditioner Housing
  • Battery Tray
  • Trim, Bomber Protector,
  • Cooling Fan,
  • Electrical Washer Pulley
  • Hatchback & Tail Gate Trim Inner
  • Radiator Fan Assembly
  • Instrument Panel Carrier
  • Gear Shifter Base
  • Bobbins and Electonic Covers
  • Door Modules etc

Electrical and Industrial Applications :

  • Pump Housing
  • Propeller Fan
  • Fan Support
  • Cooler Fans
  • Leg Assistor
  • Electrical Switch Parts
  • Rafrigerator Parts
  • White Goods etc


  • Brown PP S Granules
  • Black PP S Granules
  • Multicolor PP Granules
  • Milky White PP  Granules
  • Green PP Granules

Bakelite Engineering understands the importance of using the right PP compound for optimal performance. We offer a comprehensive range of Polypropylene compounds formulated to meet diverse needs. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the perfect PP compound for your project.

Contact Bakelite Engineering today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our PP compounds can elevate your projects to the next level!