Bakelite Engineering

BEPL established on 2020 Vadodra was incorporated as a manufacturing unit under the Kaka group which was founded in 2000 and engages in PVC Profile, PVC Door, uPvc Window & Door Profile, WPC/PVC Foam Sheet, WPC Frame, uPVC 3 Layer Roofing Sheets and Kitchen Cabinets.

BEPL is Thermoplastic Compounding Companies specializes in manufacturing high performance chemical compounds of PPHP/PPCP, PP/EPDM, HDPE, ABS, PC, PBT,NYLON 6, NYLON 66,  PC-ABS Alloy & SAN for automotive, electrical appliances & house hold applications.

At BEPL, we understand how significant absolute quality and consistency are for our clients, and we possess the vital experience and technical competence to deliver it.

The plastic compounding process at BEPL Company begins with your application. We independently select the proper resin, additives, modifiers, fillers, reinforcing agents, and colorants to meet your performance and cost requirements. Once your compound properties are approved, samples may be produced for pre-production trials.

From concept to production, our engineers and technical specialists are with you every step of the way to ensure a consistent, quality product.

Thermoplastic Compounding Companies in India

To ensure quality, BEPL provides expertise in every phase of development and manufacturing process. Ongoing technical support for any necessary trouble shooting and a proactive system for continuous process improvement enable BEPL customers to minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Manufacturing and business activities are carried out by talented and most experienced professionals in the industry bringing perfection and efficiency. Innovation is at the heart of our principles, causing continuous improvement in our products and processes.

Bakelite Engineering A Kaka Group Company

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