Nylon Compounds & Granules

Polyamides (PA) are linear polymers with regularly repeating amide bonds along the main chain. The term polyamides are commonly used as a term for synthetic, technically usable thermoplastics. Almost all important polyamides are derived from primary amines. Polyamides are partially crystalline thermoplastic polymers. Polyamides are often used as construction materials because of their excellent strength and toughness. Nylon compounds & nylon granules are a type of engineering thermoplastic that is made from a mixture of nylon resin, fillers, and additives.

Nylon 6 Compound

Polyamide 6 (PA 6) generally known as nylon 6 compound is a partially crystalline polyamide, which is characterized by ductility and abrasion resistance. Nylon 6 Plastic is used for the development of nonwovens. These fabrics are easy to dye and glossy. Polyamide 6 (PA 6) is also used to make threads, nets, ropes and knitwear.

Nylon 6 Compounds

Nylon 6 Compounds Description:

  • Nylon 6 Natural and Black Compounds
  • Nylon 6 Glass Filled Compounds
  • Nylon 6 Pre Colour Compounds
  • Nylon 6 Flame Retardant Compounds


  • High strength
  • High toughness
  • Resistant to organic solvents

Nylon 6 Granules Colors:

  • White Nylon 6 Granules
  • Black Nylon 6 Granules
  • Multicolor Nylon 6 Granules
  • Green Nylon 6 Granules
  • Gray Nylon 6 Granules
  • Blue Nylon 6 Granules
  • Brown Nylon 6 Granules
  • Milky White Nylon 6 Granules


Automotive Parts:

  • Car Radiator
  • Mirror Housing,
  • Fuel Filter,
  • Assembly etc.

Electrical Appliance:

  • Connector,
  • Bobbing,
  • Clip,
  • Fix Ring,
  • Fastener,
  • Tool Housing,
  • Cable Glands,
  • Combination switch etc.

Industrial Applications:

  • Chair Case,
  • Finishing Reel,
  • Cable Tie,
  • Window Frame Roller,
  • Textile Machine Parts,
  • Chair Wheels etc