Polyamides (PA)

Polyamides (PA) are linear polymers with regularly repeating amide bonds along the main chain. The term polyamides are commonly used as a term for synthetic, technically usable thermoplastics. Almost all important polyamides are derived from primary amines. Polyamides are partially crystalline thermoplastic polymers. Polyamides are often used as construction materials because of their excellent strength and toughness.

Black Nylon 66 Granules

Nylon 66 Compounds & Granules

Nylon 66, also known as nylon 6-6, nylon 6/6, nylon 6.6, or nylon 6:6, is a type of nylon polyamide that is widely used in the textile and plastic industries. It gets its name from the two monomers it is made of, hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid, each containing 6 carbon atoms. Nylon 66 is known for its excellent physical properties and is favored for its low cost. The compounding of nylon 66 involves combining equal amounts of the two monomers in water and then heating the resulting salt to initiate polymerization. The polymerization process can occur in a concentrated aqueous mixture. The resulting product can be extruded and granulated or spun into nylon 66 granules through a process called extrusion.

Nylon 66 Compounds (PA 66) has a high melting point and a high abrasion resistance. Therefore, PA 66 is preferred in the manufacture of machine parts. Due to its extreme heat resistance and strength, polyamide 66 is the most commonly used thermoplastic material. PA 66 has good elasticity and high mechanical strength. It is used for the production of carpet fibers, electrical insulation elements, bearings, gears and conveyor belts.

Types of Nylon 66 Compounds:

  • Nylon66 Natural and Black Compounds
  • Nylon 66 Glass Filled Compounds
  • Nylon 66 Pre Colour Compounds
  • Nylon 66 Flame Retardant Compounds


  • High strength
  • High toughness
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Good processability

Nylon 6 6 Granules Colors:

  • White Nylon 66 Granules
  • Black Nylon 66 Granules
  • Multicolor Nylon 66 Granules
  • Green Nylon 66 Granules
  • Gray Nylon 66 Granules
  • Blue Nylon 66 Granules
  • Brown Nylon 66 Granules
  • Milky White Nylon 66 Granules

Applications of Nylon 66 Compounds:

Automotive Parts:

  • Car Radiator
  • Mirror Housing,
  • Fuel Filter,
  • Assembly etc.

Electrical Appliance:

  • Connector,
  • Bobbing,
  • Clip,
  • Fix Ring,
  • Fastener,
  • Tool Housing,
  • Cable Glands,
  • Combination switch etc.

Industrial Applications:

  • Chair Case,
  • Finishing Reel,
  • Cable Tie,
  • Window Frame Roller,
  • Textile Machine Parts,
  • Chair Wheels etc